Upala Chocolate
Upala Chocolate exclusively grow Cacao Criollo, which is a botanical subspecies of Theobroma cacao being the highest quality.
Upala Chocolate process
The process complies with good manufacturing practices, safe farming methods, ethical working conditions and sustainability. In honor to the environment, cacao pots are composted to regenerate minerals and fortify the soils.
Experience the food of gods
If you are a nature lover and want to know how the delicious chocolate become in an amazing taste experience; here in UPALA

About US

La Anita Rainforest Ranch, a smallholder farming agricultural operation, within volcanic soils inside the Humid Tropical Rain forest, is located in Aguas Claras, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Upala, known as the Cacao Region of Costa Rica, is also the brand name we chose for our chocolates and cacao nibs.  The quality of the volcanic soils and the variety of Cacao Criollo that is harvested in our farm, result in optimal and excellent quality chocolate classified as «fine cacao».

Value Proposition


Upala is located in the northeast of the country and has grown Cacao Criollo for over 100 years.


We practice sustainable  farming methods , safe working conditions and a viable responsible agriculture business model.

Added value

La Anita Rainforest Ranch exclusively grow Cacao Criollo which is a botanical Theobroma Cacao.

Upala Chocolate

Our Products

Dark Chocolate Cylinder

At La Anita we only produce high quality pure dark chocolate. We have decided not to use milk or any other product that may disturb the flavor that comes out from using high quality pods and process.


Our clientele are mainly chocolate connoisseurs who recognized and appreciate the pureness of our chocolate. 

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Costa Rica

La Anita, Rainforest Lodge, Aguas Claras, Alajuela, CR. 

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